Whether for one-time or regular recruitment needs, Euro Career allows companies to quickly target and recruit the Japanese speaking candidates you are looking for.

We will support you to bring the best candidates

We support you during all of the recruitment process. By presenting job offers in Japanese writing, pre-selecting candidates, and approaching our CV database, and bring you the best possible candidates.

Fees are paid only if you hire.

As we would like to work with you as a partner with mutual success, you only pay if you recruit.

Also our fees is very reasonable compared to the market.

It is only 7% of the gross annual salary per hire.
(if 30000 euros / year = 2100 euros)
(if 40000 euros / year = 2800 euros)

If the position is for less than 1 year, we can discuss with you the price, but our fees are always reasonable compared to the market.

You will easily recuperate the fees amount, by reducing hiring time and the related hiring work, and of course by hiring the best talent for your company.

Work Visa for Employement

In addition, we are in partnership with European lawyers who can provide the necessary arrangement for obtaining Work Visa for your new employee.

Housing for employees

Furthermore, we can also provide housing / apartments for new employees as well, for both short term and long term in European cities.

Please contact us for more. We look forward collaborating with you.