Recruitment for European companies:
Specializing in Japanese speaking professionals

Euro Carrer is Europe’s leading recruitment site specializing in bilingual European language and Japanese job positions.

We have customer base of more than 10,000 professionals, and strong market presence that allows effective recruitment for our company clients.

We understand the importance of the Impact and Effective link between HR/ business strategy

In the ever changing market situation, the importance of human capital is higher than ever. We need professionals who can create “impact” to remain competitive in the business.

Our mission is to understand the challenges faced by our clients, and collaborate as a partner to achieve the “effective link” between the corportate, HR, and internationalization strategy.

We value Long term relationships

We value long-term relationships with clients. We would like our relation to be like a “well-aged leather”; More we use, more comfortable our relation would be.

It is our great pleasure to foster international exchanges through our service. We are ready to make impact and create wealth to the society with you.

Various work positions, contracts, collaborator types

Our job positions ranges from internships, entry-mid level positions and senior executives. Also it is possible to find you a company partner, or freelancer as your collaborator that fits you the best.

We look forward in collaborating with you.